Clinic stay starts today

Ich wünschte, ich hätte Freunde, die sich verabschieden würden.

"Everything hurts again, but I’ll always tell you I’m fine"
10 Word Poem #28 (vaitiolo)
"Can someone please just fucking love me ?!"
Depressed (via -ibetyoudontcare-)
"Where do you go when your house isn’t home?"
(via kjs53amor)
"But you made it clear that i’m not a girl worth fighting for …"
"Have you ever lived my life, have you ever spent one minute in my shoes? If you haven’t, then tell me why you judge me like you do."
"How do you just stop being terrified of getting left behind and ending up by yourself forever and not meaning anything to the world?"
John Green (via perks-of-being-hufflepuff)
"This tremendous world I have inside of me. How to free myself, and this world, without tearing myself to pieces. And rather tear myself to a thousand pieces than be buried with this world within me."
Franz Kafka (via arzitekt)
"Sometimes, your heart feels too big for your chest and your thoughts sound too loud for your head."
"I hate life because you build a sense of comfort for yourself and you work long and hard… all for what? We all die anyway."
thisisourunknown (via thisisourunknown)